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Innovators in High Performance Loudspeakers

AMK offers a wide variety of ceiling speaker configurations to choose from including standard 70volt or 8 ohm, self amplified or Dante network enabled.  There are two speaker drivers to choose from, 8” coaxial (CX802) for higher SPL/Bass performance, or 6” (CX602) for smoother frequency response and wider dispersion.  Both speakers have higher sensitivity and better intelligibility compared to other similar speakers in the industry.

We offer either the standard round speaker or 2 X 2 ceiling tile lay in format.  For the 70volt or 8 ohm speakers have a simple pigtail connection on the back of the speaker.  For the self amplified speakers we offer several input choices, volume controls, number of speakers in a group, and power supply configurations.

When we receive an order it is treated as a custom assembly and usually, depending on the size of the order, can be shipped within 2-3 days after the order is received.  Each speaker assembly is tested for performance and exterior appearance before it is shipped from our US headquarters.  Our regular dealers relies on ease of installation, performance and the reliability of our speakers.